Insuring Your Home & Auto
Insurance companies hound you with constant--and I mean CONSTANT advertising about price. Price is important but insurance is not a pound of ground beef. If people try and sell it by the pound, you may end up in trouble by going for cheap--with a cheap and ineffective company. Here's what to do.
Look at the quality of the company. Look at complaints with the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. Can you trust the company with the absolute lowest price or---do they give a cheap price and then cheat people on claims? That's not much of a deal, right? Having no insurance is the cheapest option, with the worst possible consequence. Having bad insurance for a low price, almost as bad.
People buy cars, machinery, furniture and food based on quality and value. That's how you should look at insurance. Value is what you need. Value pays for claims. Value keeps the price low. Value is the right kind and amount of insurance. Value comes from an agency doing what's right.