Business Insurance That Works!
Value. You try and provide it. You strive to give customers your very best--highest quality at the best possible price. There's no difference with our organization. Value is what we are proud of.
We have a very different way of looking at things. We ask the question, "if I owned this company, what would I want and need?"
How often do you end up buying coverage you don't understand? We explain things. We play advocate in that we ask you if you could ever possibly see a need for such coverage. We don't shake the bogeyman of wild scenarios to try and get you to buy extra coverage.
What do you REALLY need? Is the coverage a waste of money? Can you convince US that you need it? We do this. We ask such questions. Otherwise, you get a lot of "its included" and don't know what you are actually paying for. We show proposals with al-a-carte pricing. Packages are often ways for insurance companies to charge you more for coverage you'll never, ever use.
When it comes to insuring your business, from a small retail store to a large industry, we help you make decisions that cut away all waste, don't leave you exposed but balance risk and price.
We encourage self-insuring as much as you can. Why spend $200 a year more to avoid another $500 potential loss with a lower deductible? Is that smart use of money? These are the things we look at. Check out our business testimonials. We love insuring and helping nice people, people of character--of integrity and a desire to provide honest value to others. Testimonials.